Adding a module to Prestashop


When you install a new theme, you are left with the theme configurations. But you might want to change from these settings.

You might want to add a module to a hook. For example… you might want to add “special products” to the left column. And you will need to do what is called “transplanting a module”.

To transplant a module, go to modules > positions

  • Click on “transplant a module”.

Now you will see the following

Transplanting Modules

When you are finished, click save.

Now check your font end of your website. See if the module is visible.

If it’s not… the possible causes is that you have accidentally select to have the module not visible. Or… if you added “specials block”, you have to have products with a discounted price for the module to be visible.

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Edit the module position

go to modules > positions

We’ll use the specials block that is in the¬†left column¬†position. Scroll down till you see “displayLeftColumn” and click “edit” next to the module.

You can see that you are able to move around the modules which will reposition on the website. So if you wanted categories always on the top, just select the category block and drag it to the top of other modules.

This will take you back into the position settings. Make your edits and click “save”.

Edit the module position via Live Edit

Live edit is a more visual way or rearranging installed modules.

Watch the video to see how to use the “live edit”



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