Adding Banners in Arastta


Banners that you set in the content, will be set across. Banners that you sent in the left or right columns will be set on a rotation image only.

If you want to add banners on the homepage like our example, follow these steps. First you need to create banner images. In my example I have created them to the size of

400px wide by 181px height (you can adjust the height as you wish. But keep each banner image the same sizes.

Create several images to the size above and save on your hard drive

  • In your admin, go to appearance > banners
  • Click “+” (plus box) at the top right of the page
    1. Name the banner something like “homepage banners”.
    2. Now click the “+” (plus box) to add a new banner
    3. Add the title (this will be visible) Make it something simple and snappy. No more than a few word or less.
    4. Click on the image box, click on the pencil box, click the upload icon at the top and select one of your banners you have created which are located on your hard drive
    5. Add the link you want the page to link to. You might want to come back to this if you don’t have products yet
    6. Once uploaded into the system, select the banner which will be visible in the display.
    7. Repeat for each banner that you have
  • When you’re done adding banners, click the save icon at the top right of the page.

Now go to appearance > Layouts

  • Click on add module “+” (plus icon).
  • Now add the module name. We used “info icon banners”
  • Select in the dropdown the name of your banner “homepage banners”. Or what you have called it.
  • Make the width 400
  • Make the height the size of your banner (my example 181px height)
  • Save (disk icon) at the top right of the page

Now we need to make sure the banner is in your homepage layout (or can be on any page or any position). In our demo we have it on the Home layout in the “content-bottom” position.

Click on “banners” on the left till you see your new banner module you created “info icon banners”. Click and drag the “info icon banners” into the “Content Bottom” position.

There isn’t a save button on this page. It has an auto save.

Now your slideshow should be visible on your homepage


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