Adding featured products to your homepage in Arastta


Creating a new module

First you need to create your featured products module. By default,

In this example, we’ll start with the featured module.

Go to appearance > layouts

in the list of modules on the left… click the “+” button to add a new Featured Product module (Or click the pencil icon to edit an existing module).

  • Module Name: Add a name to the module. You will want to name it something that will relate to where you want it places. For instance “homepage”. So in this tutural… we will name it homepage.
  • Products: type in the name of your products into the box and a dropdown will come up. Select your products. Add as many as you like
  • Limit: Add a limit of the number of products you want to display. we ususally use 4
  • Width: make the width 500px (bigger is always better, it will be scaled down in your theme)
  • Height: The hight depends on the height of your product image. If your images are square… then make it 500px x 500px

Status: enabled

Now save

Lets assign the featured products module to the home page as an example. Using the steps above, make sure you have the “featured products” module created.

Adding module to a layout

Now you want that module to be visible on the homepage.

In the dropdown located at the top of your screen under “edit layouts”, select “home”

Click on “Featured Products” on the left if your new slideshow module isn’t visible. Click and drag the slideshow into the “Content bottom” position.

There isn’t a save button on this page. It has an auto save.

Now your featured products should be visible on your homepage

The available positions  are:

  • Content top: goes to the top of the page
  • Content bottom: goes to the bottom of the page
  • Left column: goes to the left column
  • Right coloumn: goes to the right column

The default layouts in Opencart are:

  • Account – Modules that will be shown on the account page
  • Affiliate – Modules that will be shown on the affiliate pages
  • Category – Modules that will be shown on the category pages
  • Checkout – Modules that will be shown on the checkout pages
  • Contact  – Modules that will be shown on the checkout pages
  • Default – Modules that will be shown all pages that don’t have a layout
  • Home – Modules shown on the home page
  • Information – Modules that will be shown cms info pages
  • Manufacturer – Modules that will be shown on the manufacturer pages
  • Product – Modules that will be shown on the product pages
  • Sitemap – Modules that will be shown on the sitemap pages


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