How to install and configure a Prestashop Theme


Installing Prestashop Template via Prestashop Admin

To install the template using your admin, please do the following

  • log into you admin
  • Click on “Preferences” then “themes”.
  • At the top right of the page, click on “add new theme”.
  • Click on “Add file”under “import from your computer”
  • Fine the downloaded zip file
  • Click Save

Now you will see the theme listed below (in section preferences > themes)

  • However over the theme and select “Use this theme”
  • Select which modules you wish to enable and disable. You can always go into the modules and turn them off and on there.
  • Click Save

Your template is now installed.

Theme Customisation (change colors, etc)

  • In your admin, click on modules on the left side menu
  • Search for “Theme configurator”. It’s faster to just type this in the search box.
  • Click Configure next to Theme configurator.
  • Make sure “enable live configurator” is clicked to yes. This is default so you shouldn’t have to touch this.

First make sure the “display top banner” is switched off if you don’t want the top banner in place.

  • Under “enable live configurator”, click on “Only you can see this on your front office”

  • Your website will pop open in a new tab or window. Click on the gear icons on the left side of the page (icon below)

  • Select one of the colors, and you will see your website colors change to match the colors in the boxes.
  • When you’re happy with a color you have selected. Click “save”.
  • Now you can close this page and go back to your admin.

Also in the theme configuration, you can control other things. The settings are self-explanatory.
Scroll down below on this page. Here you can add extra banners to the top, bottom, left or right of the home page.

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