Translating your Prestashop website


Now this is why I love Prestashop! They have the simplest translation tools of all ecommerce systems.

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Import Prestashop’s Translations

First you must go into your Prestahop admin

Go to localization > localization

Up at the top you’ll see “Localization pack you want to import”.

  1. Choose a country
  2. Check the boxes for “Content to import”. You might just want the language and currency only. This is your choice. But if you’re an international company, you will want to import the countries taxes. Otherwise just choose language and currency
  3. Make sure “download data pack” is set to yes!
  4. then click “import”

Now go to localization > languages

You’ll see now your language is installed.

Now you need to make sure the languages are setup for the front end.

Now go to modules > modules

Search for the module “language”. If the module is disabled, click enable

Search for the module “currencies”. If the module is disabled, click enable

Now go to your storefront. You will now have languages and currencies available for your customers.

Translating your site

Prestashop translates automatically the typical buttons, but it doesn’t translate your products, banners, sliders or blog.

You must do this manually.

For instance, if you go into one of your products, you’ll see any text box where you add in text, a drop down is visible to change the language. Just select your second language in the drop down and add the translate text.

You’ll need to manually translate your products, information, blog module, sliders, and banners.

Editing Prestashop translation

Sometimes, Prestashop misses something in the import back, or maybe you prefer a different word in your own language.

You can edit this list of translations in these steps

Go to localization > translations

Under “modify translations”,

  1.        select “front office translations”,
  2.        Select your theme
  3.        Select the language you wish to edit
  4.        Now click “modify”

You’ll now see a list of untranslated words.

Manually add the translation in the boxes and save

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