Choose a web hosting provider


Before you search the internet and choose the cheapest option, you need to do a bit of research.

Your not just building a small wordpress blog, your building an eCommerce website. You’ll will want the site to be fast!

I know it’s an expense you don’t want to have to pay… but finding the cheapest option isn’t always the best option.

What to watch out for

The problem is all hosting companies is that they offer the first year at a super cheap rate, then raise the price after. You need to find out how much it is after the first year promotion. Eventually you will be paying the higher price

Often when a hosting package is really low in price, they’re using cheap servers that haven’t been updated in a while. They may not offer the specification you need to install commerce software.

Specifications you need for your hosting server

They mention that you need PHP 5.2 or above. It’s important when you purchase hosting that they have PHP 5.2!

My personal opinion on server’s I’ve used

inMotion Hosting

inMotion Hosting is my personal favourite. They have really fast servers and brilliant customer service. I have 3 servers with them and haven’t had a bad experience. And I really beat my servers with tonnes of files and website installations. Anytime there has been a problem or overload… they contact me to resolve an issue.

If you buy 24 months, you get the intro price at $5.99. And if you want a cheaper price… contact them. They will give you a discount code.

Their based out of the USA… so if your in Europe and purchase space on their server, you’ll save money on tax not purchasing in your own country.

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I no longer have bluehost servers, but I was with them for years. Their servers are pretty fast. But with many limitations. I kept getting shut down from having databases too large. I eventually got annoyed and left them. But, if your only planning to run 1 medium sized site, it’s a good option.


1&1 is in several countries. And the price varies in each countries probably do to taxes in that country. 1&1 in the USA is a lot cheaper than other countries. And they won’t let you purchase outside of the country your residency.

Their servers are pretty good. My biggest client uses them so I have a lot of experience on their servers. They don’t have much on limitations. You can have a pretty large database and they won’t give you problems over it. Downside… they have customer service is horrible.


Originally I would say stay away from them. But they recently updated their servers and claim it’s made an improvement on speed. I have had accounts with them solely for testing websites. And always found Prestashop a bit slow. But maybe this has changed since they have upgraded their servers. Sadly they’re prices have risen so they’re no longer one of the cheap options.

All hosting servers mentioned about have an app in the control panel that will install Prestashop or Opencart for you. 

Prestashop have made a list of suitable hosting providers

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