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After using several different types of shared hosting platforms… i’ve used everything from Justhost, godaddy, bluehost, 1&1, and more. Some are great, some are just bad slow servers that aren’t meant for anything more then a small WordPress site.

But they all have one thing in common…. high cost. They might offer you a small price for the first year… then the prices sour up after that. On average your looking at 150 per year with a domain and hosting.

So in my quest to find alternative hosting to the major companies, i’ve come across whoawebsite. My first question was “what is the catch”. So I contacted them to find out. I can’t write an article promoting their servers unless I know their real people, fast servers and can support an eCommerce site.

So I got in touch, and they gave me a temporary account with free space to test on. I was a bit surprised that they would give me space to speed test on. Most companies wouldn’t bother doing that. But the results were good.

For shared eCommerce hosting, they use SSD Storage which is means your website won’t lag to download large images and long content pages. My test results were very fast. I installed Prestashop on the test space they offered to me, I duplicated the demo products to add 100 products. Loaded them into 1 category and made the PS preferences to show 100 products per category. Then tested the load time. It loaded really fast. So now I can recommend them.

For eCommerce hosting, they offer services as little as $3.69 per month.
See for yourself:

They also offer free migration services and free prestashop/opencart/wordpress installation.

If you have any questions, click here to contact them. 



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