How to use FTP


So what is FTP? FTP stands for “file transfer protocol”.  You’ll find online a bunch of technical expiations, but does anyone really say what it is for new users? We’ll we’re going to try.

When you buy internet webspace from a website hosting company, you need FTP software to connect files from your hard drive to your webspace.

First you have to download FTP software. We recommend FileZilla. It’s the most popular and best of all, it’s completely free.

You can download FileZilla here:

Once you have downloaded and installed FileZilla, you will need to find your FTP username and passwords.

When you signed up for a hosting account, they will have sent you a control panel login information. They may have also sent you your FTP information, if they have… you don’t need to go into your control panel to find it. Otherwise, You need to login to your control panel and find an icon labelled “FTP accounts”, or something similar to this.

Each hosting company is slightely different depending on what system they use for the control panel. But when you find “ftp accounts”, create a new FTP account and add a username and password. Keep a note of this info as you will need it. Some hosting companies will give you directions on how to add the info into FileZilla.

Now you can open FileZilla.

  • At the bottom of FileZilla, click on “new site”.
  • On the left, rename “New site” to the name of your website.
  • On the right, add in the information (Host, ftp username, password)


One you have added your info, click “connect” at the bottom.

If you still can’t connect, check your username and passwords. Or check with your hosting provider to see if there is a special setting or a special port you have to add.

Once your connected… you will have access to the files on your web server giving you more control!

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