Make your product images better


Nothing bothers me more than a customer buying one of my templates, paying the money to make their shopping cart stand out… then have horrible product images.

If there is one thing you should spend the most time on… it should be your product images.

I’m not saying that the design of your shopping cart shouldn’t be important. If you look like you spent time and money… your customers will feel more secure.

But if your product images are poor quality, they might just think the actual product is too. So if you spend the time and money on the actual design and build of your website, you need to put the same time into the product images.

Image sizes

Too often I see my customers having strange image sizes. One product image the height is short… and the next product the height is all. Unless you have a masonary theme that allows this, it will look strange and unprofessional.

It’s also important that your product image have a good resolution. Make sure the quality is good. It shouldn’t be blurry, small or distorted.

Taking your own photos

So if your taking the images on a small camera or your mobile phone, there are things you can do to make your product images more professional.

First off, taking the photograph over the coloured carpet is a no-no. Just put down a white sheet (make sure it’s ironed) and take the photography with your product laid over it.

Now lets talk about lightening. Make sure you have a lot of light. You can turn a lamp to point at your product when taking the photograph, or you can open the windows and let natural light take your perfect product photograph.

Editing your product images

If you haven’t heard of Adobe Photoshop and you aren’t a professional enough to know how to use it, then you have other options you can find on the internet to brighten, add contract or darken your images. You will also need a program that will crop your images to a good specification.

We did a google search and found

It is very user friendly, it crops and brightens your images.

Product images are important

So the closing of this post is that just because you spent money on a theme, spent time building your shopping cart… doesn’t mean the product images should be left to the least important. They’re probably the most important. Your customer will looks at your product images to know what they are ordering.

Make sure your product images are good!





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