Opencart 2 Ultramodern Theme Installation

Thank you for purchasing Ultramodern Opencart 2x Theme. Select from the right menu to view the step-by-step instruction on how to install and configure this theme.


Please not that this theme will NOT  automatically be configured with the same settings as our demo… but with Opencart’s demo products and settings. But go though the links on the right and the settings will be identical.

So don’t be alarmed if the homepage slider doesn’t look like our demo. You will have to add your own banner and slider images.

Follow our steps and it will. And contact us if you have any questions.

In our demo, our product images are pngs with a cut-out transparent background. If you want your products to be the same, you can cut out your background in photoshop then export out as a png .

You can place what you want in the left or right colums. Since the columns slide out… it’s best to keep only a left or right column. But this is up to you.

Layouts in our demo

Layout: home


All Other Layouts except products:


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